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Szene aus dem Film »Die ganz Große Freiheit« HH1
Video and scene photo: NORDMETALL e. V. - Standpoints TV - Hamburg 1 - October 2019

Qplus shortstory (english)

Nadin Schindel (24 years old) dreamed of living in her own flat – as many young people do.

However, due to her disability she needs a lot of support. That´s why she lived in different care homes/facilities for disabled people, dependent on the “rhythm” of these institutions. When she met Steffen Sauthoff from Qplus, they checked out new ways of realizing her dream. Today, Nadin lives in her own flat in Hamburg Altona. Meet Nadin in this short film and see which steps she took on her way and how her willpower and perseverance made her reach her aim.
The english version of the film was made in cooperation with the INTERREG-Europe-Project and European Social Network.


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