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About Mitte Altona
The new quarter Mitte Altona is Hamburg’s second-largest urban development project. It comprises 3.500 flats on 29 hectare and is being built on a former railway property. The area of Mitte Altona is situated in the heart of Hamburg has got a high potential for sustainable urban growth. The idea is to rise up a family-friendly, diverse and inclusive quarter.

Inclusive Urban development
When the plans for this project were getting more public attention, an idea was formed: developing Mitte Altona as the first inclusive quarter in Hamburg. With the support of the Q8 initiative, a forum with participants from the community, politics, administration, the church, associations, foundations, local initiatives and joint building ventures was established: the Forum Eine Mitte für Alle – One Quarter for All. It developed 30 goals and recommendations for architectural and inclusive urban development based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The goal of the Forum is to plan – from scratch – the new quarter Mitte Altona providing a good life for all its citizens.

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